Hola! I’m Jorge Garzon, a multidisciplinary Product Designer and Creative Strategist based in Chicago, Illinois, originally raised on a coffee farm in Colombia and already for a while in the creative industry, my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation, enriched by my travel and life experiences. My passion for storytelling and photography has sharpened my research and problem-solving skills, enabling me to foster impactful connections and drive social change.
I believe that humanizing data can shape more meaningful experiences.

We[encode] is the name inspired by the legacy of my collaboration with the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce in Colombia. This partnership aimed to guide local and small businesses to effortlessly access design and marketing tools, empowering them to grow, compete, and create intelligent products and services that drive social change and introduce innovative value.

This experience fundamentally changed my view of community and its role in building a sustainable world, guiding my career as a designer and entrepreneur with both global brands and startups.

I'm excited to continue my journey, leveraging my creativity, strategic thinking, and passion for making a difference. I invite you to collaborate and create solutions that captivate and have a lasting impact.

Feel free to reach out at jorgefcdesign@gmail.com.
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