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The we[encode] course on Digital Marketing is designed to make you a pro at using digital platforms. We want to help you learn how to communicate effectively on social networks and other media channels. In this course, you'll dive deep into crafting strategies for digital interactions and understand how to measure their success. It's all about making digital marketing simple and accessible for you!
Methodology - Theoretical practice

Digital Channel Strategy

Marketing concepts.
Digital marketing in your community.
Digital channel.
The digital consumer.
Web, Landing Page

Web/App strategies

Design Thinking Process
UX/UI Design
Service Design
Digital Marketing
Content management
Agile Methodology

Digital marketing definition

Tools for working online marketing
Online advertising: Where to invest? How to buy? How to manage?
The concepts of SEO and SEM
Email marketing as a support tool for an online marketing strategy.
Mobile marketing.
Marketing on social networks.

Social Media

Definition and start of social networks.
Current panorama of social networks.
Basic operation concepts of social networks.
How I do it: inhouse vs. outhouse.
Roles that define management in social networks.
How to integrate social networks into the communication plan.
Growth Hacking

Narrative Structure
Photography and video content.

Reputation and influencers

The role of the citizen as a content creator
Foundations of reputation.
Cases of success and failure in communication and reputation on social media.
How to integrate influencer marketing into a brand

Email Marketing

Methodology of use.
Related strategies.

Content Generation and AI Tools

LLM and Generative AI
ChatGPT, Gemini, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Claude  
Companies that have believed in this course
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