ICOA Camp Indiana UX updated 2021-2022
Enhanced website’s UX/UI through user feedback analysis and iterative design
improvements under Agile System Development by focusing on usability and aligning
with business goals.
Streamlined Marketing and Design for Indiana Campground Directory
Executive Summary
As a Marketing and Design Consultant, I spearheaded the transformation of the Campground Owners Association of Indiana's directory. The project's ambition was to create a portable, user-friendly leaflet that reduced printing costs and enhanced the digital user experience.
Project Objective
Our goal was to provide a dynamic listing of Indiana's campgrounds in a cost-effective, easily navigable format, linking print and digital mediums for travelers and overnighters in the state.
Strategic Design and Marketing Approach
I undertook extensive UX research to determine the most user-friendly format for the guide, which informed the shift to a folded leaflet. This format ensured portability and ease of use, with a clear and concise map layout for campground locations. The design process involved close collaboration with a team of designers and a copywriter, leading to a harmonious blend of graphic design and copywriting that emphasized the directory's ease of use and connectivity to the website.
The marketing strategy was twofold: distribute the physical directory across rest areas in Indiana and the Chicago area, and promote the digital directory through a strategic social media campaign. The design elements of the leaflet were reflected on the website to provide a consistent user experience, leveraging the same color schemes, typography, and iconography.

Contributions and Leadership
I directed the project's information design and marketing strategy, managed the graphic design team, and ensured strategic alignment across all aspects of the campaign.

Outcomes and Achievements
The result was a successful directory distribution, a 25% boost in web traffic, and a 60% cut in printing costs, demonstrating effective print-digital integration.
Reflections and Insights
This endeavor highlighted the value of user-centric design and the need for adaptable materials for diverse user groups, including a significant senior demographic that values printed resources alongside digital enhancements.
ICOA Directory 2021-2022
Information Design - UX Research
Led the design of Indiana's affiliated campgrounds directory incorporating user
feedback and iterative enhancements to successfully launch its final version.
Branding Design 2014
Branding Design for Indiana Campground Owners Association 
Print Material (Rack cards, posters, Postal Cards) for Camp indiana
Fall in Love with Indiana - Social Media Campaign - Proposed 2 new social media communication channels and plan their respective content strategies.
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