Enterapia Experience Alejandra Uribe Landing Page UX - 2021

My role in this project comprehend different multidisciplinary areas: Art Direction, User Experience (UX) design, Audiovisual Execution and Campaign Analysis each carefully calibrated to maximize lead acquisition. At the heart of my contribution was the strategic design of the landing page, meticulously crafted to optimize customer acquisition, resulting in a substantial 60% increase in lead generation. This was complemented by a finely-tuned Google Ads strategy, which not only enhanced the Return on Investment (ROI) but also significantly improved Click-Through Rates (CTR) and other key performance indicators (KPIs), illustrating a holistic approach to digital marketing and UX design.
Landing Page Desktop
Enterapia Experience Alejandra Uribe Art direction/design - 2021
My participation in this project includes the Art direction, graphic and audiovisual execution, focusing on the necessary elements to achieve the greatest lead acquisition.
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