Located in Cabecera Del Llano, an exclusive sector of Bucaramanga city in Colombia,  known for its varied commercial and gastronomic offerings, La Quinta Centro Comercial becomes the shopping choice for people with high profiles, selective tastes, and exquisite good taste.

Leveraging my expertise as a User Experience and Marketing Consultant, I successfully implemented a comprehensive Product and Service Design Strategy for the Mall, aimed at enhancing user engagement, optimizing return on investment (ROI), and significantly improving the overall client perception. This strategic approach not only elevated the Mall's user experience but also underscored the vital intersection of UX design principles and targeted marketing strategies in driving business success.
Personal Shopper App for La Quinta Mall
Bucaramanga, Colombia - 2020

Challenge: La Quinta Mall aimed to boost customer engagement and loyalty through a personalized shopping experience. As a product designer consultant, I developed the Personal Shopper app to seamlessly integrate value-driven rewards and conveniences for shoppers across 113 stores.
Value-Driven Rewards: Users receive a $30 equivalent bonus upon sign-up, incentivizing engagement from the start.
Flexible Redemption: Points can be exchanged for cash vouchers or mall-centric rewards like amenity discounts, enhancing program value and encouraging mall exploration.
Convenient Perks: The app offers discounts, store profiles for future promos and following and free, contactless parking through integration with shopping mall system, simplifying logistics and meeting customer demand for safety.
Increased Engagement: The app drove higher user engagement, with more shoppers actively participating.
Enhanced Satisfaction: Personalized rewards and convenient perks boosted customer satisfaction, fostering repeat visits.
Strengthened Loyalty: By prioritizing user experience and value, the app reinforced La Quinta Mall's brand loyalty.
Conclusion: The Personal Shopper app exemplifies successful UX design integration with value-driven incentives, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty while reinforcing the mall's brand identity.
Product design Hand Sanitizer 
(hands free)  - 2020
Febrero 2020 - Octubre 2020
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