Municipal Música Viva is a bar and concert venue that encapsulates its concept in gatherings, street parties, and a lot of music. The challenge with Municipal was to develop a fusion of graphic concepts that represented its sound diversity in each of its graphic pieces, each linked to the different themes of the events held there. For Municipal, my work was primarily creative direction, the creation of audiovisual content, and also conducting result analysis in the marketing area through Google and Facebook's advertising network to create brand awareness. 
Despite the numerous graphic works done, this portfolio only features those in which I personally handled the graphic design.
Branding - Menu 2019-2020
Redefinition of the branding proposal and creation of new design assets 
Social Media flyers y Posters

Septiembre 2019 - Marzo 2020
Septiembre 2019 -Marzo 2020
Septiembre 2019 -Marzo 2020
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